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The Collective
The Collective represents the collaborative efforts of some of the world's best mountain bikers. The film is an expression of their words, ideas, and most importantly, their riding.
 Descent"Descent" showcases the new talent of the free ride progression. Features free riding of 30 foot drops, huge gap jumps, crazy later stunts, street, huge wall rides, downhill and flow trail riding. Filmed in USA (Virgin Utah, Seattle, Washington, Moab) and Canada (Vancouver, Whistler, Kamloops, Kelowna, Courtney, Campbell River, Naniamo, Victoria, Gold River, Mt. Washington). Riders include: Kyle Hansen, Neil Meier, Mike Bentham, Jake Derhnert, Jordie Lunn, Jason Muscrofft, Rick Fawbert, Jeff Banks, Ryan Grimstad, Chris Fawbert, Cory Muscrofft, Drew Gorgichuk, Brent Anderson. Chainlink Productions
Elemental"Elemental" aims in rediscovering the core feel of mountain biking while capturing all the elements of the free ride progression. Experience the thrill of the ride with fresh new talent and follow the world's top riders as they throw down the most amazing lines and tricks to date. Gripping action as well as creative and edgy styles of riding make "Elemental" a virtual journey through the evolution of free ride mountain biking. Chainlink Productions
 Freedom Riders, a core group of riders who evolved to creating a precedent setting relationship with the Forest Service and in doing so created the first freeride specific trails on public lands in the lower 48. Freedom Riders a look at the evolution of the sport, the progression of trail users, and an inside story of a group of riders that would never see their passion die.
 RoamRoam is a film by The Collective is a mountain bike film that follows the travels of the world's top riders as they explore new places to ride and visit some of the meccas of mountain biking. A film by the Collective.
Seasons is a film by The Collective that follows seven of the world’s top mountain bikers through the course of four seasons of one year. The film explores what it means to be a full time rider as told through the lives of downhill racers, slopestyle competitors, and big mountain freeriders. 
Wildflower Mountain Biking for Women
Wildflower Mountain Biking for Women is a women-specific mountain biking video that provides basic instruction and drills with demonstration of those skills on the trail. The video shares stories from women cyclists about their journey into the world of mountain biking. The video includes information on selecting and purchasing the right bike,  overcoming fears and challenges, finding the right group to ride with, and fitness and safety.
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