Triathlon Shoes for Women

Triathlon shoes are predominately road bike shoes with some special features. Triathlon shoes are all about speeding up transition times... saving time changing apparel between the swim and bike, and the bike and run. Many cycling shoes designed specifically for Triathlon have a lined inner that can be worn sock-free for a quicker transition between the bike and run. Most triathlon shoes will have a heel loop for faster transitions and Velcro reversed strap closures so that shoes can be taken on and off quickly and adjusted while on the bike.

Difference between a Man and a Women's foot

The female foot is not just a scaled down version of the male foot. In general, a womens foot has a higher arch, narrower heel and a shallower first toe. The ball of a womens foot has a smaller circumference than a males. The circumference on the instep of a womens foot is also smaller. Both the ankle length, and the instep length are shorter than their male counterparts.

The anatomical differences in the male and female foot should be taken into consideration when purchasing cycling shoes. Women should look for shoes designed specifically to fit the anatomy of the female foot.


Lake CX211-W Women's Triathlon Shoe

Lake Women's CX211 Triathlon Shoe
$239.99 Full Sizes
36 - 43

Half Sizes
37.5 -42.5
Upper: NuFoam® breathable wicking shell with Trek-Dry® anti-microbial liner and a molded Heel counter
Outsole: Fiberglass-injected nylon.
Closure: 3 Hook and Loop Straps.
Color: Silver/Black
SPD Compatible: 3-hole with SPD option.
compatibility note: Included SPD plate must be installed by customer.
Shimano SH-WT51
Shimano Women's SH-WT51 Triathlon/Multisport Cycling Shoe
Full Sizes
36 - 44
Upper: Structural, vented synthetic micro-fiber leather adds upper support. Composite temperature control honey comb mesh. Neoprene reinforced heel cup.
Insole: Seamless, quick-dry interior for comfort without socks
Outsole: Lightweight carbon fiber composite sole. Outsole pads add protection
Closure: Reversed strap closure For quick transition
Weight: 574 Grams
Color: Green/White
SPD Compatible: 3-bolt LOOK-Style
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