Mountain Touring Shoes for Women- By Brand

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Mountain Touring Shoes for Women
Mountain Bike Touring is all about cycling off-road, and sometimes off-trail. Unforeseen obstacles can force a cyclist into a long hike, through river crossings that cannot be ridden, and over rocks, logs and other obstacles. Terrain can vary. Trails may have steep up hills, and and difficult downhills. A good touring shoe needs to provide the power of a clipless pedal system, but should be comfortable both on and off the bike, over long periods of time. Being able to "bike", "hike" and "run" as necessary requires a shoe that can power the pedal like a traditional cycling shoe (requiring a stiff sole); but be flexible enough in the forefoot to provide the comfort of a good running/hiking shoe. The shoe must be comfortable both on and off the bike, over long periods of time, over varying terrain.
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Anatomy of a Mountain Touring Shoe Specialized Women's Grey/Crimson Tahoe Sport Mountain Touring Shoe
2013 Specialized Tahoe Sport
Upper: The upper material should be lightweight, durable, and flexible so that the shoe can remain comfortable during long rides, and varying terrain. The upper must be able to expand and accommodate swelling in the feet.

Lining: Higher end shoes will have a waterproof, breathable lining to keep feet dry and comfortable in a variety of conditions.

Outsoles: Outsoles are usually made of rubber with deep lugs to provide traction and stability for walking. Cleats will be recessed into the shoe for greater walkability.

Closure: Usually laces so that even pressure can be applied across the foot with some type of shoelace keeper to keep laces safely out of the chainrings.

Insole: Padded Plush insoles provide on-the-bike support and off-the-bike hiking comfort.
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