Bicycle Touring Shoes for Women

Bicycle touring is all about taking a trip on your bike. That means that you need to be able to carry all the stuff you intend to bring with you, on your bike. The amount of gear that you can carry is limited. As such, most touring cyclist carry gear that is multi-functional. Touring cyclists ride a lot of miles on their bikes each day, and will benefit from the performance of a clipless pedal system. However, they also need to be able to walk comfortably when they are not cycling and have a pair of shoes that don't necessarily look like a cycling specific shoe. The choice is to carry several pairs of shoes, or to find a cycling specific shoe that looks like a normal street shoe, and is comfortable to walk in. Shoes designed for touring should have recessed cleats, and a more flexible rubber sole so that the cyclist can be as comfortable walking while off the bike, as they are efficient when riding on the bike. There is an amazing selection of shoe options available to the touring cyclist. From tennis shoes, to hiking boots and even sandals- all designed for style, comfort, and performance both on the bike and off.

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The female foot is not just a scaled down version of the male foot. In general, a womens foot has a higher arch, narrower heel and a shallower first toe. The ball of a womens foot has a smaller circumference than a males. The circumference on the instep of a womens foot is also smaller. Both the ankle length, and the instep length are shorter than their male counterparts.

The anatomical differences in the male and female foot should be taken into consideration when purchasing cycling shoes. Women should look for shoes designed specifically to fit the anatomy of the female foot.

Difference between a Man and a Women's foot
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