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Mountain Bike Shoes for Women- By Brand

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Mountain Bike Shoes For Women In A Nut Shell In
Mountain Biking Shoes - (General Term for Off-Road Cycling Shoes)

Cyclocross - XC - Cross Country:

Lightweight, high performance off-road cycling shoe designed for high mileage comfort during speed and endurance racing over easy to moderate terrain.

Similar to a high-performance road bike shoe- stiff sole, minimum stack height, maximum power transfer.

Similar to a mountain bike shoe in that it has a recessed cleat and walkable sole. Less tread than general mountain bike shoes- designed for less "hiking"- more "technical cycling".

Usually a higher price point shoe.

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General category for mountain bike shoes. All mountain bike shoes have a recessed cleat and walkable sole. Price point depends on the materials used. More expensive shoes have a lighter, stiffer sole, softer- more supple upper, and the ability to adjust the fit of the shoe while riding to accommodate for swelling of the feet.





Shoes designed specifically for Singletrack/Trail riding have a light rubber sole. They are not as stiff as the higher end Cyclocross- XC -Cross Country shoe; but are not as walkable as a touring shoe, which is basically a hiking shoe with a recessed cleat. Touring Shoes are designed for hiking longer distances over rugged and varied terrain.

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Mountain touring shoes are designed for hiking and biking longer distances over a wide range of terrain. They are a hiking shoe with a recessed cleat to accommodate clipless pedals.


Downhill racing is all about controlling your bike at high speeds- breaking... cornering...

Downhill cyclists use a large platform pedal. The soles of downhill shoes are designed to grip large flat pedals. Downhill shoes are similar to mountain bike shoes, but they have greater ankle support and reinforced toe caps. The insoles of downhill shoes are designed to absorb impact. The closure of a downhill shoe is designed to keep laces from coming untied or getting tangled in the pedals.

Clipless versions of downhill platform pedals are similar to a mountain bike clipless pedal, except the platform shaped exterior has a larger pedal area designed to allow your feet come on and off the pedals easier while planting turns.

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