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Wide Width Cycling Shoes For Women

Currently, no manufacturer is making a stock cycling shoe for women in a wide width.

If your foot is wider than a "D" width you will need to look at a men's cycling shoe, or have a custom shoe made from one of the following manufacturers:

| Bont | D2 Shoes | Pinnacle Racing | RBC Sport | Rocket 7 | Simmons Racing |

Click here! to find the companies that make wide width shoes for men.

The following are some other options for women with wide feet:


The Sidi womens shoe is based on a "D" width.

The narrow model, has the same heel cup, but a more neutral cut.

Another option is for a women to try on the mens Genius 6.6 Carbon Lite or the Genius 6.6 Carbon Lite Vernice. This model can be retrofitted with the adjustable heel retention device, giving a women the ability to customize the heel cup fit (women have a narrower bone structure in the heel), while benefiting from the mens D last, that is more of a neutral cut, as opposed to the uniquely sculpted cut of the Sidi womens shoe.

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