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Track Cycling Shoes for Men

Track racing is all about being aerodynamic. Track-specific shoes need to be extremely light weight and rigid, with very low stack heights to ensure maximum power transfer of energy to the pedal.

Bont T-One Track Racing Shoe
Bont T-One Track Racing Shoe
Bont Black T-One Track Cycling Shoe
Bont Blue T-One Track Cycling Shoe
Bont Green T-One Track Cycling Shoe
Bont Orange T-One Track Cycling Shoe
Bont Pink T-One Track Cycling Shoe
Bont Red T-One Track Cycling Shoe
Bont Yellow T-One Track Cycling Shoe


Full Sizes

Half Sizes


Available Widths

Upper: Shiny Microfiber Upper with 40 air vents
Insole: EVA thermo-moldable
Outsole: 100% Carbon. 3.6 mm Stack Height.
Closure: Lace + Velcro Strap
Weight: 225 grams
Color: White, Black, Red, Blue, Pink, Green, Orange, Yellow
Compatibility: MM grid plus grip. 3 Hole Look Configuration

Heat Moldable

Each Bont T-One Road Cycling Shoe is handmade of 100% carbon using "monocoque" construction (unidirectional carbon construction plus a final cosmetic layer).  The shoe has a 3.6 mm stack height. Bont’s proprietary resin allows each shoe to be custom fit to ensure that power is transferred directly to the drive train.

D2 Shoes The Sprint Track Shoe
D2 Shoes Track Cycling Shoe
Best Fit  $575 

Best Fit with Modifications $575 

Best Fit with
Orthotic $675

Custom Colors $50.00

Full Custom $300.00 to fabricate custom lasts and make patterns 

D2 has two versions of their track shoe... The "Sprint" and the "Super Track"

The Sprint is designed for sprinters who use pedal toe straps. The shoes have a single 1.5” wide strap at the top, and laces covered by an integrated lace cover for better aerodynamics.

For "Super Track" is designed for sprinters who use a clipless pedal which has laces under the straps. The Super Track model comes with shoe covers for aerodynamics.

Exustar E-SK204
Exustar SK204 Track Racing Shoe
Full Sizes
37 - 46
Upper: Mirrored natural leather with reinforced toe area
Outsole: Thin Carbon fiber, non-slip tread, raised internal heel.
Closure: Laces
Weight: 535 grams/pair
Color: White
Compatibility: Look, SPD-SL, Exustar EPS-T
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