Road Bike Shoes For Men - Race

Road biking shoes are designed for speed. In general they have a very narrow profile designed to hold the foot snugly in place, especially the heel. They are lightweight, aerodynamic, and have extremely stiff soles for greater power transfer.

Almost all shoes designed for road biking have an exposed cleat system. This is so the entire sole of the shoe can be made from a very stiff material, such as carbon. The stiffer the sole of your shoe, the more stable the platform to transmit power. The downside of having a very stiff sole, and exposed cleat is that it is very difficult to walk in these type of cycling shoes. Some companies are now adding a rubber heal tip to the shoe, and offering rubber cleat covers that can be put over your cleats for those times that you need to get off your bike and walk. See Kool Kovers

What's New!
The UCI has recently informed Bont that it is officially banning the "Crono" from competitions based on the view that the design of the Crono contradicts the UCI's article 1.3.033 Click Here to Read More!
eSoles self-guided 3D Tru Capture® Kiosk Scanning System

Bontrager Teams With eSoles

The eSoles eFit™ footbed, which will be found in all Bontrager shoes, can be customized by the consumer using the eSoles self-guided 3D Tru Capture® Kiosk Scanning System that will identify specific customized inserts for Bontrager cycling shoes. Read more!

LOOK Keo Fit System Logo

LOOK Keo Fit System

The Look KÉO FIT system is designed to determine a cyclists' natural pedaling style and foot position so that cyclists can select a cleat that corresponds to their correct float based on the cyclists' pedaling anatomy. Read More!

Simmons Racing New Technology 2011

Simmons Racing New! Technology 2011
One piece mounting block that allows for multiple configurations, compatibility and placement without the need for adaptors. The result: lower center of gravity, better torque, and greater power transfer.

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