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Randonneuring Shoes for Men

Randonneuring is long distance cycling.

D2 Shoes Rando
D2 Shoes Rando Randonneuring Shoes
Best FitĀ  $485

Best Fit with Custom Orthotic $725.00

Best Fit with Modifications
$70.00 minimum up charge

Full Custom Shoe $300.00 to fabricate custom lasts.

"Best Fit"
41 sizesĀ 
9 widths
Curved Last
Straight Last


Full Custom

The RANDO is designed specifically for long distance comfort. The upper is made from a supple athletic shoe mesh that adapts to foot shape and swelling very well. There are only 2 straps with the front strap being behind the metatarsal heads to allow for foot swelling during 200+ mile rides. Carbon composite sole.

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