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MTB Ascent

D2 Shoes MTB Ascent
Best Fit  $475.00

Best Fit with Custom Orthotic $725.00

Best Fit with Modifications
$70.00 minimum up charge

Full Custom Shoe $300.00 to fabricate custom lasts.
Custom Colors $50.00

Full Custom Shoe $300.00 to fabricate custom lasts and make patterns
"Best Fit"
41 sizes 
9 widths
Curved Last
Straight Last



D2 manufacturers both semi custom and full custom cycling shoes.

"Best Fit Option" D2 has standard pre-made lasts in 41 sizes and 9 widths in 2 different last types, curved and straight. The "Best Fit Option" process starts with a "Fit Kit". The Fit Kit helps consumers create paper tracings and foam impressions of their feet; which are then sent to D2 Shoes, and are used to select the pre-made last that is closest to the individual cyclists foot for construction of the shoes.

"Best Fit with Modifications"
For an additional charge of $70.00 D2 can apply temporary modifications to the lasts to fit bunions, bone spurs or an unusual toe line. They can also provide a custom orthotic for an additional $240.00

Full Custom Shoe
If the "Best Fit Option" does not work D2 can make a full custom shoe. Plaster is poured into the foam impressions from the Fit Kit creating an exact model of each foot. Using a computer controlled last lathe, D2 creates a custom last that is then used in the construction of the cycling shoe. The cost to create a custom last is an additional $300.00.

Upper: Synthetic leather with perforated synthetic leather or standard bike mesh. the harness is made of reinforced Carbon/Kevlar sail cloth laminated to Nytek synthetic leather to prevent stretching and transfer all energy into the bike.
Outsole: Vibram sole for maximum traction and durability. Carbon Composite.
Closure: 3 Hook and loop straps. The harness system for the back 2 straps is reinforced with Carbon / Kevlar sail cloth while the front part is not. This allows for forefoot swelling on long rides. The rear 2 straps hold the foot securely while pulling up. The three straps follow the anatomical shape of the foot creating a more secure fit with less tightness on the straps
Weight: Size 43.0 EEE without orthotics = approximately 470 grams per pair
Color: Custom
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